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Why Super Brain Web Technology is different?

Super Brain Web Technology is offering its services exclusively to web development companies and interactive agencies. It is purely a D2D (Developer to Developer) portal for web design and development requirements of web development companies.

What is Full-time Hiring?

1.Each assigned individual works for you for 22 Days in a month and delivers a minimum of 172.5 hours of production.

2. All the project management control lies with you.

3. The communication between yourself and the designer can be handled through Email, Chat and Phone.

4. The work is carried on between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Sun - Fri) at our development center in Kathmandu, Nepal.

5. The invoice is sent to you at 30 days interval. Payment needs to be made in advance for the current month.

6. The bill is reduced proportionately if the number of work days is less than 22 during any given month i.e. if a developer works only for 11 days then you have to pay only half the fees.

7. If the number of work days is more than 22 for any given month then the billing remains the same i.e. if you get 23 work days between 1 - 31 of any month then you enjoy the remaining 1 day totally free of all costs.

8. No deduction is made if the designer has delivered 172.5 hours in any given month.

What is Hourly Hiring?

This is a "pay-as-you-go" model in which you need to pay on hourly basis.

How Super Brain Web Technology ensure quality, deadline and fixed rate in projects?

Our project management tool ensures a systematic and organized flow of projects. The list of works assigned, customer tickets, daily updates, mile stone tracking etc are managed using this CRM tool. Each project will have a dedicated team, with a project manager, Project Lead or Team lead to ensure consistency of it. Once a team is assigned to one project they work continuously until project completion, provided there is no delay from your end in giving feedback or other such issues. We follow a very transparent project management system, where you will be communicating to the PM and PL/TL over skype, email and telephone. This will enable you to keep day to day tracking with the people who actually work on your project.

Will you sign an NDA?


What are my rights regarding Intellectual Property?

We give you the sole ownership of source code, intellectual property, copyright etc.

Can you provide references?

Yes. We can provide references in Americas, Europe and Australia.

How do I Test your services?

The best way to test drive our service is to hire a programmer/designer for part-time basis or buy 10 hours of services. We do not offer free trials.


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